From industrial revolution
to creative revolution 

It’s around 1850, in the heart of Montreal - the cradle of the industrial revolution in Canada - that the French Canadians first encountered the Irish immigrants, the main manufacturing workforce at the time. Francophones went to work at the factrie, while Anglophones headed to the factory.

It’s in honour of this crossing of cultures that the name “Factry” came about, belonging fully to neither the French nor English language.

Today, Factry fosters new types of encounters, forging creative minds to look at new ways of building the world and engage in the creative revolution of the 21st century.

One mission

Forging creative minds to find innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.


Creativity is a vehicle for change.

Creativity is a key leadership skill.

Creativity can be taught.


The founders

Philippe Meunier

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Sid Lee
Chairman, Factry

He is Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder at Sid Lee, an advertising agency with more than 600 employees working from 6 cities around the world. Through his vision of creativity and the multidisciplinary approach he has instilled in his business, brands such as adidas, Videotron, Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, and Absolut trust him without hesitation and recognize his incomparable creative leadership. A renowned visionary, he is the founder behind this school of creativity.

She is a maker who brings people together to build projects from the ground up. With a background in law and an MBA in marketing, she has close to 20 years of experience in business development and marketing communications. She is recognized for her extraordinary ability to lead multidisciplinary teams within startups, growing businesses, and companies in the midst of reorganization. Throughout her journey, she has worked within highly creative and innovative environments.

Hélène Godin

Head of Creation, Factry

She has long been a leading figure in the design world. As Executive Vice President, Creative Director & Partner at Sid Lee, she led one of the most distinguished multidisciplinary creative teams on the local and international scenes over the past 15 years. Her desire to pass on her passion has taken her all around the world as a speaker and mentor. Enamored with her city, she is a proud ambassador of Montreal, and has also taken part in countless international juries.

Ugo Cavenaghi

President & Managing Director, Collège Sainte-Anne
Administrator, Factry

He has been the President & Managing Director at Collège Sainte-Anne for more than 10 years. This high-level manager holds an MBA and Master’s degree in Education Management. He leads the most important private teaching establishment in Quebec, gathering more than 2,700 students and 300 staff members. Collège Sainte-Anne has always stood out for its audacity and academic innovation, its classroom integration of technology, its concern for the environment, and its exclusive programs.

Administrator, Factry

The Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C), formerly known as the Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies, is the voice of nearly 70 Quebec agencies of all sizes, specialities, and configurations dedicated to the creative community. Its members generate close to 75% of the industry’s revenues in Quebec and contribute to the success of local and global businesses.