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“Investing in Québec's creative and strategic talents is essential for our industry's growth and development.”

Dominique Villeneuve, General Manager, Association des agences de communication créative (A2C)

“The capacity to show innovation is a fundamental pillar of the success in business.”

Yann Jodoin, SVP, Client Strategies,
Marketing & Brand, National Bank of Canada

“We continuously need people with bold creative ideas to make our world a better world”

Denys Lapointe, Senior Vice-President
Design & Innovation and Corporate Image, BRP

A shared vision

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Founding partners

With us from the very beginning, they were the first ones to embrace the idea of Factry - which wouldn’t have come to life without their help.

Committed Partners

Through their financial support, they share Factry’s vision and audacity. They’re the difference between success and failure.

Contributing partners

Their commitment ensures creative consistency between Factry and the industry. These hands-on collaborators offer us precious services and support.

Support from the entire industry

To stay connected to the needs of the job market at all times, Factry works in partnership with professional associations from across the creative industries.