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During a time when transformation has become the norm, creativity is your best asset. At Factry, we are primarily interested in careers that are in transition, changes within industries, and new technologies. In short, we embrace change. We believe in cultivating, pollinating, and fostering relationships between the next generation and professionals in order to create a better world.

We offer a wide range of training programs for professionals from various backgrounds who want to transform their industry. We are also developing partnerships with academic institutions to develop training for students that is attuned to the needs of tomorrow. We also offer opportunities for professionals and students of the next generation to learn and exchange their respective perspectives on subjects of shared interest.

Factry is also a very industrious campus offering an unusual daily program focused on creativity and our ever-changing world. A series of events open to the public allow participants to network with creative industries, the business sector, youth, and the community.

Factry immediately sets itself apart by its transdisciplinary approach wherein different themes are taught concurrently. Training is offered with the understanding that the professional world is constantly changing. Our programs are led by multiple experts at once, all innovators in their respective domains. Finally, each type of training uses a teaching method designed to develop the participants’ creativity: question, risk, and realize.



From the start, participants are encouraged to question the status quo, to assess the situation, to understand and raise questions that aim to change the course of things, to consider unexplored possibilities and to learn to receive without judgement. This is the kind of mentality that participants will be expected to embrace throughout their training.



This is the step that allows ideas to emerge. Its objective is to inspire confidence within the students. Ideas that are left-field are often difficult to reveal, so students must find the courage to get them out in the open. The most cutting-edge ideas are not always so easily realized. They are encouraged to completely open up and get their ideas heard.



The idea confronts reality. At this stage, the student learns that it is not enough to just develop their idea, but must now bring together the necessary conditions for its completion and implementation. It is the culmination of creativity; the moment in which we create; the reasoning behind the creative process.

Training programs at Factry let you:

  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Have an unconventional educational experience, in a unique setting.
  • Broaden your horizons through dialogue with participants from varied backgrounds.
  • Reflect on the great challenges of modern society.
  • Develop a skillset for the future.
  • Learn to develop and implement your ideas.
  • Embrace doubt and risk while questioning everything.
  • Meet lecturers and coaches from around the world.
  • Encourage meetings between professionals and youth of the next generation.

The founders

Philippe Meunier

Philippe Meunier

He is Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder at Sid Lee, an advertising agency with more than 600 employees working from 6 cities around the world. Through his vision of creativity and the multidisciplinary approach he has instilled in his business, brands such as adidas, Videotron, Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, and Absolut trust him without hesitation and recognize his incomparable creative leadership. A renowned visionary, he is one of first founders behind this school of creativity. Philippe is the President of Factry’s Board of Directors.
Marie Amiot

Marie Amiot

She is a maker who brings people together to build projects from the ground up. With a background in law and an MBA in marketing, she has close to 20 years of experience in business development and marketing communications. She is recognized for her extraordinary ability to lead multidisciplinary teams within startups, growing businesses, and companies in the midst of reorganization. Throughout her journey, she has worked within highly creative and innovative environments. Marie is President and Chief Executive Officer at Factry.
Hélène Godin

Hélène Godin

She has long been a leading figure in the design world. As Executive Vice President, Creative Director & Partner at Sid Lee, she led one of the most distinguished multidisciplinary creative teams on the local and international scenes over the past 15 years. Her desire to pass on her passion has taken her all around the world as a speaker and mentor. Enamored with her city, she is a proud ambassador of Montreal, and has also taken part in countless international juries. Hélène is the Chief Creative Officer at Factry.
Ugo Cavenaghi

Ugo Cavenaghi

He has been the President & Managing Director at Collège Sainte-Anne for more than 10 years. This high-level manager holds an MBA and Master’s degree in Education Management. He leads the most important private teaching establishment in Quebec, gathering more than 2,700 students and 300 staff members. Collège Sainte-Anne has always stood out for its audacity and academic innovation, its classroom integration of technology, its concern for the environment, and its exclusive programs.



The Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C), formerly known as the Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies, is the voice of nearly 70 Quebec agencies of all sizes, specialities, and configurations dedicated to the creative community. Its members generate close to 75% of the industry’s revenues in Quebec and contribute to the success of local and global businesses.