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By Qiang Wang, participant in the World’s Greatest Internship

We found ourselves a cozy spot with sunlight in the waiting area, on-call to board our flight. I was falling asleep, having woken up early in the morning after a late-night farewell to the people of Montreal. It was only a week-long trip but it changed a lot of things. So I recall from here, as we settle down in New York for our second stop, some of the things that made this city a special one for me.

Dear Montreal,
Thank you for your hospitality this past week. It was a brief stay with a lasting jolt. I’d like to thank you for many things. Your energy, your community, your novelty, and your idiosyncrasy.

One of the first things that I noticed about you is your use of the word “gratuity” instead of “tip”. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and I think we should all adopt this term.

I also appreciate your gathering of people in public spaces. Seeing them casually or passionately having a celebration gives me a sense of freedom and brings me joy – even at 2:00 am in the morning.

I appreciate you for challenging definitions. For providing me with a space to ponder what creativity can mean and what a speculative workforce can look like. For a judgement-free zone where I feel encouraged to be radical and to express myself.

Also thank you for embracing and welcoming everything coming your way. Your openness gives me hope and softens some of my fears.

Most of all. thank you.  for the immense love I felt.


Originally published on World’s Greatest Internship’s blog.

Photo credit: Myriam Baril-Tessier