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The World's Greatest Internship chooses Montréal and Factry

MONTRÉAL, July 11th, 2019 – The San Francisco creative agency Butchershop and the Montréal school of creativity sciences Factry unite under the banner of the World’s Greatest Internship (WGI). The international creative internship program will see six young creative hopefuls from Asia, Oceania and the Americas set up shop at the Factry campus from August 26-30, 2019, to develop their creativity and draw inspiration from Montréal’s effervescent creative ecosystem.


More than an internship: a real experience.

The social, cultural, and technological disruptions of recent years has forced industry to rethink their workflow, services, and even the problems they seek to resolve. However very few have changed their approach to recruiting and cultivating emerging talent. Launched in 2018 by the creative agency Butchershop, the WGI is a program for ambitious emerging talent. Over the course of six months, the six selected participants will intern in six different agencies across six cities around the world. The internships are remunerated, and all travel expenses are paid. Forget photocopiers and coffee runs: interns of the WGI are here to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty!


A stop at Factry

Seduced by the unique character of Montréal, WGI decided to add the bilingual metropolis to its international circuit. In addition to commercial internships, participants will receive a one-week training program at Factry to develop their creative posture: creativity, leadership, collaboration skills, emotional intelligence, active listening, and productivity are all on the menu. Participants will also have the chance to visit creative enterprises in Montréal, offering exposure to unique creative cultures and processes.

“I believe that there is a part of education and experience missing in traditional schools where one learns craft skills. And yes, being good at one’s craft is important but there is so much more. The real skills it takes to be in a creative business are around empathy, knowing one’s self-operating system, pitching and selling ideas, showing good thinking, connecting to the business solutions, having a world view on culture and commerce, adaptive problem solving, and short cuts that bring value and build trust. These are what develop and manifest in Butchershop’s culture and our people. Our partnership with Factry comes at a time in our world and industry where we both have identified a new breed of emerging creatives. And we believe that Factry at their core has the leadership, partnerships, people, vision and new curriculum to deliver vital experiences in education,” says Trevor Hubbard, CEO & Executive Creative Director, Butchershop.


An international experience augmented by Montréal’s special flavor

With the aim of maximizing cultural immersion, Factry aims to partner the young creatives of WGI with local young talent of Montréal’s creative sector. Four local enterprises will also have the chance to welcome the participants into their offices to initiate creative processes, the results of which they will get to keep.

“There is something unique about Montréal’s creativity and we wish to immerse the interns of the WGI in the best Montréal has to offer. To do so, we bank on the collaboration of our incredible creative ecosystem! Young local talent will have the chance to collaborate with the participants of the WGI through the Factry seminars and the local enterprise visits. Diversity, the collision of ideas and the mixing of points of view are powerful vectors of creativity. We are proud to welcome an international
cohort and thus reinforce Montréal’s standing as a bright spot the world of creativity,” explains Marie Amiot, co-founder and General Director President of Factry.

Montréal International, the economic development agency for greater Montréal, regularly cites the city’s famous creativity to promote the metropolis among foreign investors, international organizations, talent and students from around the world. “Montréal is enjoying unprecedented attention right now; attracting this type of initiative allows us to further capitalize on the expertise and know-how of our creative industry,” declares Hubert Bolduc, CEO of Montréal International.

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To apply, consult the World’s Greatest internship page.


About Factry

Launched in May of 2016, the Factry school of creative sciences is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop the creative competences of both current and future professionals. Situated in the Innovation Quarter of Montréal, this world-class campus distinguishes itself through its multidisciplinary approach, its innovative teaching method, and its connection to creative industries and the business world. Factry is supported by its two founding partners: Le Collège Sainte-Anne and the Association of Creative and Communications Agencies (A2C), as well as its public partners the City of Montréal and the Government of Québec.

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