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Be present when everything is moving at 100 miles an hour.

In your personal and professional life, changes and stress can affect your thoughts, perceptions, reactions and relationships with others. Paying attention to the present moment isn’t easy when life goes into overdrive. Instead of rejecting the emotions that arise, it’s important to learn to channel them and put them at the service of staying present and fostering our interpersonal relationships. This daring and personalized course trains leaders to be authentic, charismatic and human by drawing on the techniques of the art world.

With the coaches’ help, participants will develop a deep understanding of themselves and the impression they are projecting in public. Become aware of your posture, voice, energy, expressive style and presence. By developing greater self-awareness, participants will learn how to deliver their messages effectively and authentically.

To ensure an intimate atmosphere and a climate of trust, we limit course registration to 16 participants.


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Designated as a recognized educational institute by the Ministry of Revenue of Quebec.


2 days


1 495 $


1111, Saint-Antoine Street West, Montréal (QC) H3C 1B3

Limited spots


Dates — Group #2

April 21st and 22nd 2020

1 495 $

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Who is this for?

This course is intended for daring senior executives and managers looking to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zone to assert themselves and hone their self-management skills and those of others.

Why should I apply?

In this course, participants will learn to:

  • Analyze their leadership and the image they project.
  • Identify and perfect their posture, expressive style and presence as an authentic and mobilizing leader.
  • Understand how emotions work to leverage them better.
  • Communicate effectively in any context.
  • Develop a bold and brave leadership style.
The following listing of coaches may vary according to the groups.

To get the full experience, you will be assisted by a workshop master to challenge you and nourish your creative brain.

Workshop leader
Charmaine Leblanc

Charmaine Leblanc

Stage Director, Vocal Artist, and Composer
Workshop Master, Factry
Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Red Rabbit
Carole Bitoun

Carole Bitoun

Co-founder and Strategist, Red Rabbit.
Danièle Deblois

Danièle Deblois

Illustrator, Red Rabbit
Michoue Sylvain

Michoue Sylvain

Comedian et coach, Red Rabbit