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World's Greatest Internship

The San Francisco agency Butchershop and Factry join forces for the World’s Greatest Internship (WGI). The international creative internship program will see six young creative hopefuls from Asia, the Americas, and Oceania set up shop at the Factry campus from August 26-30th, 2019, to develop their creativity and be inspired by Montréal’s effervescent creative ecosystem.

Six young Québec residents will have the chance to join this exceptional international cohort during their stay in Montréal. For one week, participants will receive a Creative Posture training at Factry and visit local creative companies to learn more about what makes these enterprises and their creative processes unique.

More details to come.

Training will be in English.

World’s Greatest Internship Highlight de Butchershop™


3 days' training at Factry

2 days of creative exploration in 4 Montréal businesses

Cultural activities in the evenings


A fee of $1000 applies to participants from Québec. This fee covers:

- The training, company visits, and cultural activities

- Meals and transportation

- Friends and contacts for life

- Fun and inspiration guaranteed


Where 1111 Saint-Antoine West, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Limited spots

6 openings available

Dates — Group #2

More details to come.

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Presentation of the course

Who it's for:

Promising young creatives working or starting out in Montréal companies. You must:

  • Demonstrate originality, audacity, and creativity.
  • Be passionate and curious.
  • Have a strong social conscience and global point of view.
  • Demonstrate creative thinking, regardless of your role in the enterprise.
  • We’re looking for hybrid creatives, lateral thinkers, and multidisciplinaries. Whether it be writing, designing, strategizing, influencing, or intrapreneurship: if you show creativity in what you do, this program’s for you!
  • Be 18 to 30 years of age.

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What it's for:

  • Develop your creative posture.
  • Build an international network of creatives.
  • Foster the next generation of creatives who will change the world!